LD Profile: Eduardo “Wady” Rodriguez

Five Questions with Eduardo “Wady” Rodriguez

Wady is a lighting designer with more than 20 years experience in the industry and is well-known throughout Latin America, particularly in his home country of Argentina. Throughout his career, he has worked with Ricky Martin, Shakira, Calle 13, Juan Luis Guerra and more.

1. How did you get into this field?
I started my career in the ‘90s while working with a band named Soda Stereo, in Argentina. We used to tour throughout Latin America and the United States. Ever since then I have loved my profession because it gives me the opportunity to express myself through lighting.

2. What is your favorite CHAUVET® fixture?
I like the Q-Wash™ 560-Z LED because I find it very original and practical. Also, the Legend™ 412 caught my attention. I think with a certain number of Legend™ 412 fixtures, you can create very interesting effects.

3. What were some of the projects you were involved in?
I have traveled and worked directly with Ricky Martin as set designer for his promotional tour. Overall, I have worked on his concerts for 16 years. Preparing for this tour was an extensive project. It took us two months of production and one month for the setup and programming. I had the opportunity to travel to more than 50 countries and gained so much experience while doing the thing I love most. In 1997 I worked on a different project for a Shakira concert. I currently work with Calle 13, a band from Puerto Rico known for its eclectic style and use of nonconventional instruments. I have also collaborated with Juan Luis Guerra from the Dominican Republic, and created the lighting design for his concert.

4. What has been your favorite design/project?
I really enjoyed working with Ednita Nazario, from Puerto Rico, during her “Soy” show, in May 2010. The great thing about this project was that I addressed each element of the show separately, but also looked at the overall picture, looking for harmony. The combination of music and lights reflected Ednita’s personality – her fragility, passion and great talent.

5. Complete this thought:
A show without lights is like… an iPod without headphones.